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MicrophoneAdult Speech Training

The course is practical with emphasis placed on personal satisfaction, confidence building, and enjoyment.

The programme is offered on a one-to-one basis, or in small group format with confidentiality assured.

Designed to suit each client's brief.

Covering all the aspects of voice and speech and presentation, to acquire a clear, interesting signature voice.

Business ConferenceFormal Speech

•  Business Presentations
•  Dissertations
•  Interview techniques
•  Introducing a Speaker
•  Speech with authority


Public SpeakerInformal Speech

•  Addressing an intimate group of people
•  Unprepared talks (politics, music, arts, general areas of interest)
•  Wedding  Speeches
•  Body Language
•  Assertive speech not aggressive

Rehearsing the speechArtistic Presentation

•  Preparation for Auditions
•  Choice of pieces
•  Characterization


Always incorporating an awareness of correct breathing, effective modulation, relaxed delivery, good use of pause, good body language, use of eye contact, facial expression and general tricks of the trade that help reduce the "butterfly" syndrome.

Use of camera recordings and playback analyses is invaluable and lots of fun.